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Make A Change to Be the Change

Motherhood is definitely one of the biggest changes that us women go through in our lifetime.

Almost overnight, we are asked to step up and change everything we are familiar with – our habits, our schedules, our bodies –we recalibrate & reroute everything around the precious little life we bring into this world.

And as if Motherhood wasn’t big enough, mothering during a pandemic where the situation shifts on a weekly basis is an unsettling, uncomfortable experience for most of us.

And while there is great relief in complaining about how tough we have it, and believing we are victims to our circumstances, the fact remains that this is also a great opportunity to pause & look inward, into our own life and identify what it is that really stops us from achieving our goals & the life of our dreams. Most often the answer is not an outside circumstance, but our own LIMITING BELIEFS.

For the longest time, I personally believed that I would not be a good mother if I worked full time and I let that secret guilt chew away at me. ( I say secret because I was not consciously aware that I felt this way) And it reflected back in results – in the steady but slow growth that the company was seeing - despite us always getting great reviews & feedback from clients about our products.

Only once I worked on myself, on my blocks and I started making changes in my thought process and in my actions did things start shifting dramatically. I am happy to say that business is the best it has ever been despite the constant challenges that come along with running a small business through multiple lockdowns, quarantines & changing regulations. I have never felt more fulfilled as an entrepreneur as I am striving towards my goals & as a mom because I am a more present & happy parent when I am with my son.

I decided to share a glimpse of my journey here because I feel that there are many moms out there feeling stuck just the way I used to & I want you to know that life can change for you, if you let it. You are really the only one who CAN MAKE A CHANGE in your life.

Will you choose to wallow in your familiar fears or will you MAKE A CHANGE?? Tag a mom below who needs to hear this today :)

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