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Hey New Mama,

Welcome to the world of motherhood- it’s a world full of wonder and love and also a world full of exhaustion and chaos! In the initial days you just wonder what’s hit you- the constant feed – burp – poop – sleep - repeat cycle is a shock to the body that’s become used to taking it easy in the last phase of pregnancy. Suddenly you can’t even go to the supermarket without massive amounts of planning and packing and pacifying involved- going for a dinner date needs as much planning as a wedding!

And the toughest part (for me at least ) is deciphering what the baby needs! Is he crying for food? Is he uncomfortable? Is he sleepy? Is he gassy?? All he can do is cry for all of the above while you and the family all panic and run around like headless chickens trying a hundred different remedies that people have advised you to do and then to top it off, you get to hear lines like “ Radha Aunty said her daughter in law would just give the breast for anything if the baby cried and it worked every time” Yes, Radha Aunty is suddenly the new "hero" in your life.

Sounds familiar? Don’t worry we have all been there and while we are all waiting for the day Alexa can decipher a new baby’s cry and tell us what the baby needs, here are some super awesome wonder products that will give you easy and instant solutions to the most common baby problems you are faced with.

1) Mahahing

Baby colic is definitely one of the most painful issues that new babies face – their discomfort leads to constant crying that can drive a new parent up the wall. You can consult your paediatrician for medication, but in the meanwhile this roll on is a tried and tested remedy that relieves them instantly and is safe to use 2-3 times a day as well – you can buy it from Amazon, from this link– Mahahing

This Mama Earth roll on is also a new entrant in the market and has received some rave reviews.

2) Windi -

These are by far the most amazing little pieces of plastic we have ever come in contact with! It works like magic on babies with constipation or gas – the baby’s constant unease and inability to sleep due to discomfort makes a parent feel so helpless – The concept of Windi is like that of enema, you massage the baby’s tummy, lubricate and then insert the Windi in the baby’s rectum – you may feel afraid to do it the first time, but trust us it does not hurt the baby at all, only relieves them – you will thank us when the little one falls asleep after being relieved- it’s a great tool when travelling with baby and tops our essentials list.

You can read more details about it here

Or purchase it online in India from here

( it’s a little expensive here, so would recommend you buy it from the USA if anyone you know is travelling)

3) Shatavari –

It’s an ayurvedic herb that comes in powder form to be had with milk. This herb is known to increase lactation in nursing mothers. It also helps the body rejuvenate post pregnancy. It now comes in pill and tonic form as well- Some mothers swear by its milk increasing capabilities and some are not so sure –in either case, it’s good for your postpartum body so you can give it a try let us know your experience!

You can purchase the tablets here and the powder here

4) Swaddles-

Babies grow maximum in their sleep and so sleep is of utmost importance in their lives. In the initial days, the startle reflex makes it difficult for them to stay asleep and therefore swaddling is of utmost importance – it gives them womb like security and helps to calm an overstimulated baby. The warm, toasty and snuggly experience helps them sleep longer – Here are some uber cute organic swaddles by us that are a hit with mommies & babies alike The Catus Swaddle, The Fox Swaddle, The Crosses Swaddle

5) White noise machine / App –

For most new born babies it takes a long time for them to get sleep and then they easily wake up with the slightest noise – this is where a white noise machine or a mobile phone/ tablet App with these sounds is super handy. Familiar and rhythmic sounds like white noise (it’s the sound they hear while they are in the womb) or ocean waves soothes them to sleep and also shield them from hearing the sounds outside the room. This helped us a lot when we would take the baby out as well – in the stroller at restaurants or malls, in his car seat and inflight while travelling or even at a friend’s house – sleeping in any new place. Here is a good white noise machine that won’t burn a hole in your pocket and if you have a spare tablet / phone at home you can just download the following Itunes App or Android App for free and try it out ;)

6) NoseFrida Snort sucker –

As the name suggests, it’s a nasal aspirator and is truly the best, easiest and gentlest of ways to remove those nasty buggers from the babies nose! They are available on, but again may work out cheaper if you buy it internationally.

7) Baby Wearing –

Baby wearing dates back to centuries where mothers worked hard physically all day and didn’t have time to stop their chores for entertaining babies – also the skin contact with the mother keeps the baby calm and comfortable throughout. I must say that personally for me, baby wearing was extremely liberating, as I would just put him in our Baby Bjorn and continue with chores at home, go for a meeting, a walk in the park or make a trip to the supermarket – It made me feel that I could make the baby experience a lot more with me and also it didn’t tire me out as much. There are many many amazing choices available in the market today and honestly this needs a dedicated post to itself, but I would blindly recommend the Baby Bjorn baby carrier to any parent as we have seen so many friends / family have a great experience with it.

8) The Wonder Weeks App – Its an award winning app (originally a book) and once you fill in your baby’s birthdate, it shows you the baby’s development in the first 20 months in an in-depth and easy-to-understand manner. It gives you pretty accurate dates when the baby will go through a “leap period”- what changes in behaviour and development you should expect and how you can help the baby through it – it even suggests a list of activities you can do with your baby! It’s a paid app, but at a nominal cost and totally worth it! You can purchase it from here on Itunes or GooglePlay

With that we conclude our 8 Wonder products list - we hope that these products bring the baby and you some comfort, joy and Hygge! Do let us know in the comments below if you too had a wonder item that made your life easier as a new mum or your personal experience with our recommended products…Happy Parenting!

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